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FEEL-LITE is an LED (Light-Emitting Diode) brand founded in Malaysia, established since 2011. Through using the latest Taiwan’s technology on their LED products, it helps you save up to 50% energy. 

FEEL-LITE LED Downlight series has been approved with Product Certification License from SIRIM, to bring your home the highest safety standards downlight. Feel-Lite LED Downlight is more than suitable for any space with a false ceiling, perfect for the living room and kitchen at your home as well as office space. Most importantly it comes with a 12 month guarantee.



LEDVANCE is one of the world‘s leaders in general lighting which emerged from OSRAM. 

OSRAM LEDVANCE Floodlights are the essential part of security and safety. They are proved to be waterproof and shock resistance, makes them suitable for outdoor lighting systems from your backyard to construction sites. The LED Floodlights come with 2 colors, warm white (WW) and daylight (DL) plus a guarantee of up to 12 months.



LEDVANCE is one of the world‘s leaders in general lighting which emerged from OSRAM. Generally, LEDVANCE is the licensee of product trademark OSRAM in general lighting. 

OSRAM LEDVance Downlight are suitable for any public rooms or areas due to its slim and compact design. It comes with 2 sizes, 4” and 6” where it can be installed in rooms of just about any size and you can switch between three light colors (warm white-3,000K/ cool white-4,000K / daylight-6,500K) depending on the occasion. In addition, if you like your lights to be embedded into the ceiling instead of hanging out, these aluminium housing LED lights that comes with 12 months guarantee is your best choice.