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eXtra large waste containers combine easy handling and mobility with a large volume

SSI SCHAEFER’s large waste containers are robust and durable, making them the solution of choice for many municipal and industrial operations. They undergo regular inspections by an independent, neutral testing institute. Easy handling and mobility, effective sound installation and a large volume guarantee you efficient waste disposal.

The conical shape of the body features additional reinforcing ribs on the top edges. The comb bar and floor are reinforced. Angled cover handles and easily moving wheels ensure easy handling. The GMT eXtra from SSI SCHAEFER is also pre-equipped for the use of electronic data carriers for identification and weighing. 


Modultainer® made of galvanized steel are a universal solution for waste disposal

The galvanized steel Modultainer® from SSI SCHAEFER is the ideal container for every area of waste disposal and recycling collection thanks to its low weight. The combination of large volumes, convenient handling, and a diverse range of extra equipment makes SSI SCHAEFER’s containers the universal solution. They are exceptionally sturdy and outstandingly reliable due to their solid workmanship.

In addition, the lower space requirement is another advantage when transporting the containers. Their conical form allows up to five containers to be stacked inside each other and transported. You benefit from considerable freight cost savings when transporting the containers over long distances. 

Diverse designs for diverse requirements

The Modultainer® from SSI SCHAEFER is available in 770 and 1,100 liter designs. We offer you numerous customized designs such as covers opened with a foot pedal and a variety of different cover colors which identify the material in the container. Other colors are also available upon request.